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This month I did the following things:

  • Book Club: Actually reading The Software Craftsman by Sandro Mancuso, and NonViolent Comunication by Marshall B. Rosenberg.
  • Typing training: I started doing some typing training at typing.com. There are other options, like typingstudy.com, typingclub.com or cursomeca.com. I’ll try them soon.
  • Software design patterns: I started reviewing software design patterns at sourcemaking.com. This is something I need to improve, in order to know and understand them better.
  • Code Smells: I’m studying code smells, with the help of Rachel, and also at sourcemaking.com. To know when something is wrong, is as important as to know when it’s right.
  • My blog: This month I started publishing some posts on my blog. Now that I started, I have a lot of ideas for new posts. You’ll see them soon published!!

I read all these posts and videos during August:

Always learning!! Always improving!! Always sharing!!

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