Working in an international company

My experience in those kind of companies

3 minute read

I’ve been working for international companies for more than two years. It has been a great experience, and I’ve enjoyed more than expected working for these kind of companies.

Building Habits

Tips I use for building long-lasting habits

4 minute read

One of the things I’ve heard that it’s very tough for many people is to build habits that last in time, and become part of our life. Everyone probably knows what they should be doing, but they aren’t. It doesn’t have to be anything tech-related, it could be also some lifestyle activity, such as reading or practicing any kind of sport.

Another Step

Why I'm making a change in my professional career

4 minute read

I’ve been working almost for 6 years at the same employer. It’s been the longest period in my professional career. When you are trying to get features to production quickly within a team, and at the same time learning new things and trying to refactor and improve your architecture, most of the time you don’t realize about how fast time happens.