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Why I'm making a change in my professional career

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I’ve been working almost for 6 years at the same employer. It’s been the longest period in my professional career. When you are trying to get features to production quickly within a team, and at the same time learning new things and trying to refactor and improve your architecture, most of the time you don’t realize about how fast time happens. But then, something happens. Maybe it is a teammate that leave the team (you know who you are, don’t you?

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I read all these post and watched these videos during this month: JDD 2017: Refactoring in Business World… for Developers? (Włodek Krakowski) Tic-Tac-Toe Speedrun Rereading the Mythical Man Month by Raquel M. Carmena Java Course for Beginners by Marcus Biel Intermediate step of Gilded Rose Kata by Raquel M. Carmena
Always learning!! Always improving!! Always sharing!!

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This month I finished the book Extreme Programming Explained. And I’m starting reading the book The Pragmatic Programmer. I read all these post and watched these videos during this month: Back To The Basics by Jason Gorman Introduction to IDD by Sandro Mancuso Growing your career by Nacho Duplication, you’re welcome by Rachel M. Carmena XP Simplicity Rules Kent Beck Design Rules Programming like Kent Beck The last responsible moment Should code have an expiry date?