Working in an international company

My experience in those kind of companies

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I’ve been working for international companies for more than two years. It has been a great experience, and I’ve enjoyed more than expected working for these kind of companies.

DISCLAIMER 1: I know that some or all the points could be found in a national company, but I never did it before. This post is based on my own experience. I’m not trying to say that all internation companies are better than national ones, or that you can live the same experience I did just by joining any random company.

DISCLAIMER 2: This is the point of view from a Software Developer in Barcelona.

Those are some of the things I’ve enjoyed the most:

Company mindset

That was probably the first thing I noticed when joining the company. There was a lot of business focus, but at the same time, there was a lot of respect for people and their individual needs. I could ask whatever I needed, and they did their best to try to fill my request.

English as company language

Having English as a the company language could be a stoper for many people. In fact, I was afraid of the interview process at the begining. Although I had some experience working in English, I never had to do it for everything, and there was no teammate or someone else to go for help. After those years, I’ve gained a lot of confidence and vocabulary. I know my English is far away from perfect, but I don’t need so, just to be able to comunicate my ideas and doubts, and understand others. I’ve boosted my English to the next level!

People from different nationalities

Before joining to an international company, I could count with the fingers of one hand the mates I had that were from different contries. That’s not something wrong by itself, but with a lack of variety in nationalities, you are losing other cultural mindsets, other ways of doing, thinking and behave that would enrich you and teach you new things. In an environment with multiple nationalities, there is more respect, traditions and open mindset.

Fairer salary

The companies that are opening offices in your city or country, they usually pay fair salaries, as they try to adapt to the market and attract people. And not only salaries could be higher, also you could have good benefits and perks.


The last but not the least. I love to travel, so being able to travel for business purpose is great. You will be able to visit other offices, meet mates that you usually work with, visit other cities, and all of these while working and for free!! Before joingin my previous company I neved had visited London. Now I can say is my favourite place to visit, and I’ve been there more than 10 times in the last two years. Now, I’m excited to able to visit London, Moscow and Austin, as my new employer has offices in these cities.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know if you had similar expeciences. Or maybe totaly opposite.

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