Miguel Angel Gonzalez Yepes

Software Engineer


Software Engineer with more than 20 years of experience building web-based applications in several sectors: tourism, pharmaceutical/hospital, retail & e-commerce and finance.

In constant evolution, I never stop learning and questioning myself as a professional.

A practitioner of agile methodologies and XP.


BUMBLE, Software Engineer September 2020-Present

Member of the brand new Video and Gaming pod from new Barcelona office.

Some stack: Kotlin, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Docker, MySQL, Ratpack, Gradle, TeamCity, ArgoCD…

ZOPA, Software Engineer June 2018-September 2020

Working in an autonomous cross-functional team using Agile methodologies. Designing and coding a distributed system to allow customers to have savings products. Using best technology possible and always evolving and learning. In an international environment, having English as the official company language. A micro-services solution, with a lot of focus on testing, clean code and simple code.

My team build a system, formed by several services, from scratch, and in charge of all Savings products of the Bank. All services were containerized and ran in a container cluster and using asynchronous communication mechanism. Our services were also connected to other company services, managed by different teams. A lot of focus to build a resilient, trustable and stable system, as we were expecting to manage a huge volume of accounts and money in our system.

Some stack: Apache Kafka, Java 11, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Docker, Aurora PostgreSQL, Spock, Ratpack, Splunk, Grafana, Gradle, Jenkins…

MANGO, Software Engineer July 2012-June 2018

Since 2016, working on Payments Team, a cross-functional team, with the main goal of providing the easiest, more reliable, safer and most flexible payment experience to all Mango Online customers. We introduced XP practices and Agile methodologies, in order to improve the code, the motivation of the developers and attract more devs to join us. I was very involved in creating a culture of learning: preparing weekly sessions of knowledge-sharing across teams, lunch and learn sessions within the team and a book-club initiative.

Before 2016, there were no cross-functional teams, so I was also involved in all kinds of backend developments for the e-commerce, such as integrations with Marketplaces, development and maintenance of the back-office application and improvements in efficiency and performance of the e-commerce.

Some stack: Java 8, Spring & Springboot, Oracle SQL, AWS SQS, Kibana, Maven, Jenkins…

GRIFOLS, Software Analyst April 2008-July 2012

Software Analyst in hospital and laboratory projects in Java. Very regulated environment, with a lot of focus in security, risk analysis and continuous integration.

Participation in all phases of the project, from the collection of functional requirements, through the development of design specifications, design of unit tests and the design of the data model. I started using TDD in some parts of the application, for the algorithms in charge of dose calculation.

Some stack: Java, Spring, Hudson…

HOTUSA, Java Analyst/Programmer February 2003-April 2008

Working in the small development department of an independent hotel chain company.

I was involved in different parts of the system, such as Internet booking system for travel agencies, XML ​availability services and reserves for third parties, rate change system for hotels via the Web, and the migration for the GDS (Global Distribution System) environment, moving from an old provider to Pegasus.

Some stack: Oracle Java and PL / SQL language…

IT DEUSTO, PHP & Java Developer March 1999-February 2003

My first experience as a software developer. Small consultancy company, with very young staff.

Programming, mostly in PHP and Java, dynamic Web pages, with databases, and with back-office for administration purposes. Also building Intranets for companies, with document managers, agendas, project monitoring.

Some stack: PHP & Java, MySQL…

GENERAL CABLE, Systems Department Intern February 1998-March 1999

My introduction in a professional environment. As an intern, I was in charge of several tasks, and they were growing as I was gaining experience.

Maintenance of computers, email systems, backup copies, etc. both the computers of the headquarters of Barcelona, ​​and the factories of Manlleu and Montcada. I did some trips for the set-up of commercial delegations in Valencia and Madrid. Also, I did some internal computer applications for the department.


COMPUTER SCIENCE (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona) 1995 - 2000


  • Using Kubernetes as a Developer - Pluralsight 2020
  • Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers - Udacity 2018
  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala - EPFL 2017
  • Crafting Code - Sandro Mancuso (Codurance) - 2016
  • Deploying to AWS Training - Mashooq Badar (Codurance) - 2016
  • MongoDB Essentials Training - MongoDB 2015
  • MongoDB for Java Developers - MongoDB 2015

I usually like to attend different meetups and coding dojos in Barcelona, and some conferences as well, balancing it with my family and personal life.



  • Java & Kotlin
  • Build tools: Maven & Gradle
  • Messaging Systems: Apache Kafka & AWS SQS
  • Containers: Docker & Kubernetes
  • Automation server: Jenkins
  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL and PostgreSQL


  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Extreme Programming
  • Automation lover
  • Team player


I’m the father of two incredible kids: Adrià (2005) and Claudia (2008). I love to spend as much time as I can with them, as well as with my wife Geraldine.

Other things I love to do are:

  • training: I’m a huge fan of bodyweight workouts.
  • reading: Both technical and fiction books are my favs. You can find me in goodreads
  • tv series: I love to watch tv series with my family, only with my wife or even alone. There’s always a good show for every occasion.
  • walking with my dogs: I have two dogs and I love to walk with them in the mountains.