Culture Of Learning: Book Club

Reading books in a community

4 minute read

Reading books is one of the activities everyone who is interested in software should do. It’s a great way to learn new things, new points of view, new theories or practices. There are several books that every developer should read. But sometimes it’s difficult to get time to read it, you aren’t motivated enough, or even if you are reading the book, the book is hard to understand. By reading a book in a Book Club, you will discover a new way of learning from a book.

Culture Of Learning: Lunch and Learn

Learning and sharing at lunch time with the team

4 minute read

During this year we are experiencing a very huge transformation as a team. We are living an interesting journey to become a more mature team, an autonomous team inside the company. And this transformation includes a lot of practices and activities. With this series of posts, that I’ll call Culture of Learning, I will try to explain in detail each of these activities, how we started them, how we do them and what they give us.