CI/CD Pipeline Kata

Training how to build a pipeline for continuous delivery

4 minute read

Tama66 Some time ago other team was managing the pipeline of my team’s applications, and they were also testing and deploying our applications. This separation of responsibility between creating the software and making it run was leading us to: No ownership of the deployment process: feeling of non responsibility within the team. Errors on environments: No visibility of where our code was being deployed was producing sometimes problems with configuration on environments, and they were tough to fix.

JShell, the REPL console in Java 9

Discovering the new REPL built-in console in Java

3 minute read

On this post, I will cover one of the new Java 9 features that attracted my attention: REPL. If you want to know what’s new on Java 9, you can visit this link. What is a REPL REPL stands for Read-Eval-Print-Loop. It’s a shell where the user can type an expression, it will be evaluated, and the result will be returned to the user. To me, the main purpose is to interact quickly with Java without creating a java file, compile it and run it.